What We Do

This initiative is aimed at making readily available to schools in Africa the newest and the best solutions for ICT connectivity through a robust implementation plan that totally eliminates the cost of ownership of hardware installed at the schools.

VSAT Internet Connectivity Hardware Installed Free.

We install VSAT internet connectivity hardware with free broadband internet connectivity to every participating school at no cost to the school management every year.

Computers Supplied at a Zero Cost of Ownership.

Computers for the scheme are being custom built and branded e-Schools Africa at 3rd Base turnkey factory in Hong Kong for e-schools Africa.

School Website and ERP School Management Software Also provided as part of the package to enable the Following.

  • e-Learning applications like video tutorials, computer based testing with e-resources( e-books, timetables etc)
  • e-Administration applications like financials, HR, management, document management, chat rooms.
  • Teacher, student and parents portals.
  • Registration for new and returning students.
  • Application forms purchase.
  • Payment for fees and levies.
  • General Schools Information Services.
  • School Results Publishing.
  • Student yearbook pages/ database.
  • School magazine pages.