About Us

eSchools Africa Initiative was established to make ICT resources available to schools and local communities as a means of fighting poverty and illiteracy in African youths. We work with school administrators and Governments to deliver fully equipped computer laboratories, with broadband internet connectivity, a school website and a database for e-administration and e learning.

In rural communities we design and build ICT laboratories based on local construction materials present in those communities and equip such buildings with laptops and high speed internet connectivity, since most schools in these communities experience shortage of class room spaces. We came up with a design that is green and cost effective to develop in these communities. Our desire to make ICT resources readily available for education in Africa has made us adopt a model of working with local construction materials in each community we work in.

Our pilot scheme, the first of it anywhere in Africa, at Busekelo Local council in Mbeya region in southern Tanzania is the first of this model, where we are building our themed ICT laboratories with 100% local construction materials to cater to a student population of over 7,000 and a teacher population of over 500, using the ICT resource for training of teachers and students alike.

Around Africa, we work to find practical, innovative ways to support Governments acquire ICT laboratories and class room spaces for disadvantaged schools. Nurturing young minds with our boot camps, we encourage them to embrace information technology as we prepare the continent for the prosperity which comes with an increase in population.

Working with a team of technology providers and partners, to deliver cutting edge solutions for broadband connectivity and ICT solutions to enable e-school administration and e- government solutions.